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  • Clarion For Mappoint Template Features

    Clarion For MS Mappoint Templates (c) -  Build Release Date 3/1/09
    Allows developers to add Microsoft Mappoint 2004/2006/2009 to their applications.
    Full Source code, No DLL’s, supports Clarion 5.5, 6.x, ABC and Legacy.

    Some of the key features of the templates are:
    · Create and Destroy Pushpin sets with balloon
    · Create and Destroy Pushpin and Assign them to datasets.
    · Use all of Mappoint internal pushpins.
    · Load internal Pushpin category list as use as your own.
    · Ability to Add Comments and Data to pushpins
    · Address validation, parsing of address
    · Geocoding to address (Latitude,Longitude)
    · Geocoding to mouse pointer
    · Zoom In / Out Control

    · Altitude control spin box
    · Add Notes to map – (Will be date and time controlled Next revision)
    · Waypoint (Routing /Directions) – support from dual addresses to many
    · Calculation support for mileage calculations to include expenses.
    ** GPS support of  real time data (AVL) – Depending on your service. (Not in template form yet)
    (Requires WinEvent or Clacom for port monitoring ** Not Included)
    · GPS Bread Crumb Trail
    · Support for external data sources (SQL/TPS/Memory/IP)
    .  Ability to create Shapes on map
    (Line/Polyline and Rectangle) with notes and arrowheads
    · Total distance of route segments in miles or kilometers
    · Longitude / Latitude Return
    · Datamap Styles support (Drop list)